Bacteria growth

  • Under ideal circumstances, number of bacteria doubles every 20 minutes.
  • Within 6 hours at a temperature of 37 °C, an initial population of 100 bacteria can rise up to more than 26 million.

Anti-bacterial effect

  • SUNOX® was validated according to ISO 27447:2009 through microbiological studies, performed by accredited laboratories, such as the Biochemical-Lab of Florence and the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale (research center for animal farming and food security) of Teramo.

Anti-viral effect

  • Examinations of viral activity have performed at Florence University, department for hygienics and public healthcare – a lab cross-linked with reference laboratories, accredited for viral monitoring and validated by the National Center OMS, cooperating with Istituto Superiore di Sanità – governmental health institute/department for infection diseases.

For your physical comfort:

  • „Classical“ mosquito nets, all times, have the passive function to keep out annoying insects, dust, feathers and similar contamination from home environment.
  • Like all screening systems, this filter needs to be constantly kept clean and functional in order to avoid permanent presence of contamination in front of our windows
  • T.I.E, all times engaged in research, innovation and optimization, is currently developing this tissue in a revolutionary manner and makes it working as an active filter that allows, to live in an environment, in which growth of bacteria and viruses is strongly filtered and reduced.
  • This is possible by using the SUNOX® - technology: A patented hygienic treatment which, thanks to interaction between light and modern nano-technology, allows this tissue to continuously and long-term reduce the growth of those bacteria and viruses efficiently that are existing all over the atmosphere and get in contact with the insect screen inside and outside your personal environment.


The antibacterial tissue

Taught by nature

SUNOX® is a result of a most natural physico-chemical process: photocatalysis. Photocatalysis means „acceleration of photoreaction pace in presence of a catalyst“.  
A catalyst will not be changed nor consumed by chemical reactions. Different to photosynthesis, where chlorophyll „catches“ sunlight in order to convert water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose,  the SUNOX® - system (in presence of light, humidity and oxygen) generates a powerful cleaning effect that is able to convert organic substances into carbon dioxide and water. 

An active mesh… in a natural manner

Photocatalysis – a process that is activated be light and air. The SUNOX® -meshes initiate, in presence of those two elements, a powerful cleaning process, which paralyses and transfers bacteria, viruses and fungi into harmless substances. 
Photocatalytic surfaces prevent from growth of micro-organisms and avoid accumulation of substances that feed those microorganisms. 
The anti-bacterial-, anti-viral- and anti-contamination-effect of SUNOX® - Systems´ photocatalysis is based on reaction oxygen species (ROS) that are generated by the synergy system  SUNOX®- light.
Majority of studies have always led to the same conclusions, namely that those species are the most important elements of photocatalysis´ anti-bacterial- and anti-viral-effects -  and remain fully harmless for human beings at the same time.