Stenetering Frame


Border color

9016 traffic white low gloss
8014 sepia brown low gloss
8077 dark brown low gloss
9006 white aluminum low gloss
7016 anthracite grey low gloss
8001 ochre brown low gloss
DB 703 micaceous iron ore low gloss


Screwless assembly by using mounting hooks – rotational or fixed, long or short

Profile strength

9 mm & 11 mm


  • The stentering frame profiles SP 600, SPB 600 and SPF 600 are grouted with an alu corner bracket, inter-combinable in any way. 
  • Profile thickness 9 mm (11 mm with brush clamp connection to window)
  • The frontal brush groove allows all-round brush sealing with all profiles (also in case of profile combinations)
  • Aside the piping groove, the mounting plates (for fixing hooks, bars and hinged handles) are movable after being assembled. 
  • Mounting hooks can be attached rotationally over the profile corner and used as rotational or fixed hooks (subsequently adjustable)
  • Instead of rotational hooks, conventional long or short hooks can also be used for assembly 
  • Usually, long hooks are mounted above the window frame seal, rotational hooks underneath the seal
  • Function of mounting hooks as long/short or rotational/fixed hooks is also possible in case of stentering frames with fold
  • Larger stentering frames are divided/reinforced (centered) with tissue separating bar-profile SSP-600 
  • No frame holes, movable in case of tissue 
  • Colors and Decoration: outfly®-profiles can be coated in all colors or covered with Renolit-Decoration foils 
  • Seawater-proofed coating (seaside-coating) possible

Stenetering Frame

As versatile and individual as life

Innovative, custom-fit fixing system – flexibly applicable, almost no drilling necessary

outfly® have invented an innovative fixing system for stentering frames that guarantees perfect fit under all kinds of assembly conditions. Thanks to very low profile thickness of 9 or 11 mm, the frame can easily be mounted – in case even without drilling. This is very important not only for tenants but also for owners. 
outfly®´s wide range of profiles matches even the most difficult assembly conditions.  Our attractive, timeless design perfectly suits all types of window and door systems and therefore does not disturb your home´s overall picture at all. Operating handles are invisible from the outside. Furthermore, tissue fixing is neither visible by applying our smart piping cord technology. The robust mounting hooks are made from stainless spring steel.