Sliding systems


Border color

9016 traffic white, low gloss
8014 sepia brown, low gloss
8077 dark brown, low gloss
9006 white aluminum, low gloss
7016 anthracite grey, low gloss
8001 ochre brown, low gloss
DB 703 micaceous iron ore, low gloss


Guiding rails or frames will be screwed onto or into the reveal

Profile strength

13 mm sash profile, Frame profiles 15 mm & 30 mm


  • Robust sliding sash profile with brush groove and two-sided recessed grip
  • Single-track design using Z-rail to be front-mounted on glass element
  • Single-frame applied with single-track design, frame profile either 3-sided with slim floor rail or 4-sided
  • Dual-frame applied with dual-track design, frame profiles either 3-sided with slim floor rail or 4-sided
  • Single- and dual-track designs can easily be combined for multiplex systems
  • Track rollers with maintenance-free ball bearings for stand-up solutions (track rollers bottom-sided)
  • Carriage with maintenance-free ball bearings for hanging solutions (track rollers top-sided)
  • Sliding sashes are adjustable during assembly for both a. m. solutions
  • Applicable for:
    Sliding Doors and Winter Gardens
  • Inserts – Quality „made in Europe“:
    Clear-view fabrics, SUNOX® – antibacterial, fiberglass-, alu-tissue, tiger-tex, poll-tex
  • Colors and Designs:
    Colors and Decoration: outfly®-profiles can be coated in all colors or covered with Renolit-Decoration foils; seawater-proofed coating (seaside-coating) possible

Sliding systems

As versatile and individual as life

Comfortable and functional – single- or multiple-track solutions available

Easy to handle at the same time, outfly®-sliding systems perfectly suit larger openings and therefore are especially applicable to terraces and winter gardens. An almost noiseless sliding function is achieved with weather-resistant rollers.

Profiles can be coated in all colors or covered with Renolit-Decoration foils

Alternatively to fiberglass fabrics, we can also offer outfly®-aluminum tissue for fly screens.  Consisting of thin wire and thanks to its effective mesh size, this alu tissue offers a high value of translucency and air permeability in combination with an efficient resistance against rodents.