Lightwell covers


Border color

DB 703
E6EV1 elox.


Bonding or with screws and angle nuts

Profile strength

7 mm


  • Casted corner bracket with bayonet fitting
  • Stainless steel tissue can be exchanged subsequently
  • Applicable for:
    All kinds of lightwells
  • Inserts – Quality „made in Europe“:
    V2A expanded metal, V2A wire mesh
  • Colors and Designs:
    outfly®-profiles can be coated in all colors

Lightwell covers

As versatile and individual as life

Fashionable lightwell covers – maximum protection against leaves and insects

outfly®-lightwell covers, applying stylish designs in combination with aluminum frames and high-grade stainless-steel tissues do not only protect against leaves, insects and vermin but also against rodents.

Even in case of extreme contamination, the stainless-steel tissue can easily be cleaned

outfly®´s lightwell covers are step and break resistant and, thanks to stainless-steel tissue, easily to clean.