hinged door system


Border color

9016 traffic white, low gloss
8014 sepia brown, low gloss
8077 dark brown, low gloss
9006 white aluminum, low gloss
7016 anthracite grey, low gloss
8001 ochre brown, low gloss
DB 703 micaceous iron ore, low gloss


Screwed onto or into the reveal

Profile strength

30 mm


  • Center hinge with closing spring, adjustable
  • Maintenance-free straps with V2A-pin in plastic sleeves
  • An all-round brush groove allows silicon-free sealing of interface with brickwork or clinker-brick
  • Applicable for:
    Balcony and terrace doors
  • Inserts – Quality „made in Europe“:
    Clear-view fabrics, SUNOX® – antibacterial, fiberglass fabrics grey or black, alu-tissue, tiger-tex, poll-tex
  • Colors and Designs:
    Colors and Decoration: outfly®-profiles can be coated in all colors or covered with Renolit-Decoration foils; seawater-proofed coating (seaside-coating) possible

hinged door system

As versatile and individual as life

Particularly robust hinged door – stylish and durable

Frequently used doors require an extremely robust, stylish and durable frame. Balcony and terrace doors in particular have to endure a lot.

The „SOFTLINE“ door closes automatically – thanks to its adjustable spring hinge

outfly®-doors can also be equipped with the scratch- and break-resistant tiger-tex tissue – an ideal solution for pet-owners. Naturally, dog- and cat-flaps can be integrated as well.