The new generation of insect protection systems

We supply bespoke insect protection for your home including windows, skylights, front doors, balcony and sliding doors as well as covers for light and basement wells. outfly's innovate insect protection systems let fresh air into your house day and night keeping out insects and bugs.

We offer a full product range with top quality insect protection products made of first class aluminium with fitted insect protection and pollen-resistant screens. Our system components are easy and quick to fit together based on our principle that the assembly and installation has to be possible with a standard toolkit.

outfly exclusively uses the bacteria repellent SUNOX® fibreglass mesh with a titanium dioxide coating manufactured by the market leader T.I.E and is the only provider of the product in Germany. As well as providing reliable protection against insects, the new outfly systems also provide protection from pollen and dirt with Poll-tex fabric. The almost invisible Panorama fabric means that the view to the outside is unimpaired. We offer various fabrics for our products that meet the individual needs of customers. Our tear-proof fabric pet screen Tiger-tex, made of fibreglass with a special PVC coating, is ideal for pet owners.

outfly is a brand of tegos GmbH & Co. KG, who has been working successfully in the field of insect protection systems for motor homes and caravans for over 20 years.

outfly insect protection systems stand for innovation and customized insect protection solutions that skilfully take individual needs and installation settings into account.

Perfect protection from insects

Your rooms remain free from flies, mosquitoes, wasps, bees and all other kinds of creepy crawlies.

Reliable protection from pollen

Great for people with allergies.
Polltex fabric acts as a pollen screen.

Effective protection from dirt

Weatherproof and waterproof. Innovative filter prevents the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

For doors and windows. UVA and weather resistant fabric that can freely adjusted to any position …

For windows and doors, only opened for airing …

Perfectly tailored with flexible elements …

User-friendly, stable and almost noiseless, whether for single or multi-sash …

The sturdy solution. No gaps, no protruding edges …

Insect and sun protection, always there when you need it …

outfly uses the following fabrics

Pollen resistant fabric Poll-tex
Pet screen fabric  Tiger-tex
Transparent fabric Panorama
Easy-to-clean fabric Nano-tex and water repellent


With our system components and tailor-made systems we strive to provide you with the best solutions we can offer and therefore outfly supplements its expertise through working together with leading international manufacturers such as


At outfly we are always on the look out for new motivated and dedicated employees. You can find out everything about any new job opportunities here.


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